Luxury Gift Boxes

Luxury Gift Boxes

How To Learn About Luxury Gift Boxes In 15 Minutes

Luxury Gift Boxes

Packaging boxes are used to protect the products from getting ruined from any type physical damage. However, products should be protected, because it causes swear attention and must hard work to create a new ideal product for the betterment of any community. There are different types of products in the world with different natures; for instance, some products are in solid form, some are in liquid form, some are in semi-solid or semi-liquid form.
Well, it’s the responsibility of the custom box companies and the companies that make products because the custom boxes depend upon the kind of product that will be stored plus the selection process of the custom boxes by the companies.

Now, talking about the custom luxury boxes, you guys have to focus on something significant that is pillow boxes are mostly used for gift purposes. Such as, on weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, prom-nights, bridal showers, baby showers, thanksgivings, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, etc.

So, gifts packed in these boxes look good. Because everyone loves gifts, and girls and kids are crazy about them. However, to make the gifts perfectly tucked, luxury pillow packaging boxes are used.

Description of Materials for Custom Gift Boxes:

The materials used for manufacturing custom luxury gift boxes packaging are fundamental. Because companies should understand that the quality of the custom boxes matters a lot in the market place. However, there are three types of materials used to make custom pillow luxury packaging boxes:

• Kraft

• Cardstock

• Corrugated

Therefore, Kraft and cardstock boxes are used to lift specific gifts/products. Cardstock and Kraft have sturdy properties; but cardstock can lift only 1 LB weight, however it can get advanced by using multiple layers of cardstock. However, Kraft is made from strong woods it is eco-friendly using less amount of harmful chemicals, plus it is recyclable as well.

Meanwhile, corrugated can lift heavy items easily. Mostly, corrugated is used for shipping purposes with building the trust of customers and making them believing that their products are in good hands.

Printing Processes for Luxury Boxes:

Printing processes are the Knight In Shining Armor for the custom boxes. The printing processes are the ones that help in increasing the productivity of the products/gifts in the market place. However, every material for the pillow gift boxes requires different types of printing processes. Meanwhile. There are three unique types of printing processes for custom packaging boxes.

• CMYK Printing Process

• PMS Printing Process

• RGB and HEX On-Screen Printing

CMYK Printing Process for Luxury Boxes:

CMYK is a four colors printing process from which all the other colors are generated. The CMYK printing colors are Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. This is a second type of printing process but with the highly qualitative printing. This process is held by using cylinders for each color, and the ink is slides from the cylinder to the beaker. This printing process contains fewer shades of a single color. This process mostly used for newspaper printing process.

PMS Printing Process:

PMS printing is the best ever printing process. PMS printing contains multiple shades of a single color. It’s the costliest printing process inboxes. Plus, a tsunami of tones will make the customers select the best colors for their brand’s box.

The Innovative RGB and HEX Printing:

RGB and HEX both are onscreen printing processes. Basically, RGB is a decimal feature of colors, and HEX is hash codes. This type of printing process used in designing on a computer screen. It’s the simplest and easy way to use the printing process. However, it used in HTML5 and CCS3, which is available on much coding software, as well as on windows.

Types of Flawless Coating/Layers for Custom Gift Packaging Boxes:

As we know that pillow boxes and PVC sheet boxes are used for gifts and stuff so we can understand easily that the coating on the custom pillow packaging boxes makes it worthy too. There are four types of coatings:

• Matte Finishing

• Gloss Finishing

• Satin Finishing

• Spot UV

Matte Finishing:

Matte finishing styles the surface of the boxes dull. This type of finishing absorbs the light, which in results makes the surface of the box’s dry instantly.

Gloss Finishing:

Gloss finishing contains a shiny surface that reflects light off the boxes. Many custom gift boxes have a glossy coating, which makes them look shining in the market place.

Satin Finishing:

Satin finishing is a flat glossy mixture of surfaces that also used for making the luxury pillow packaging.

Spot UV:

Spot UV is based on Ultra-Violent rays technology which is used to make the logo or the name of the company on the top and side and on the bottom of the custom gift boxes, which also helps in the marketing of the products and the company.

Benefits that Gift Boxes Packaging Provide To Your Company:

There are three types of benefits that will help your products in the market place.

Advertisement of Luxury Gift Boxes will make your Product STAND-TALL in the Market:

The advertisement of your products while in gift boxes will lead your brand at the walls of the market. All the products will glow from the top to the bottom ways. Different styles of boxes, such as small gift pillow boxes for hair extensions, large gift boxes for light-weight products that will make you feel happy, PVC gift boxes for different eatables like chocolates, toys, etc.

Shipping Purposes Material for Luxury Gift Packaging Boxes:

For Shipping purposes, the best ever, a material used is corrugated. Corrugated is the smoothest, stuffiest, comfortable material for your gifts and stuff. Corrugated is a top-notch material making customers believe that their products are in good hands.

Use of Complementary on Gift Boxes:

The use of complementary double the worth of gifts and products. For instance, the stuff toys, flip flop cards, keychains, etc. are some of the complementary, which will enhance your product’s productivity too.

Packaging Bee is Innovating the packaging industry:

The is providing the best custom packaging boxes related to your products. There are a million types of materials with different printing processes that suits your products.

However, packaging bee have a team of well-trained team of experts that are working day and night to make custom packaging experience better for their customers.

They also provide suggestions on the types of custom product boxes related to your products with any extra charges.

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